The land of the Chinese dragon, rich with prizes and rewards, awaits you in this new slot machine from Betsoft. With 5 reels to play on at 30 pay lines – plenty is happening all around!

Get Lucky with the Chinese Lucky Number

The sound and music in this game are as fantastic as we’ve expected from developers like Betsoft. The eastern soundtrack takes a lot of life into it, giving you that immersive feel for the title!

With its explosions that award massive wins, the Firecracker Wilds are a great way to get some excitement going on your spins! Spin this bonus wheel, and you might find yourself with freebies or multipliers. If things aren’t enough already, then there’s also something called “The Mega Wheel,” which will help multiply whatever total stake spun by 600%.

Get Lucky with the Chinese Lucky Number

The 8-rayed lucky number in Chinese culture is associated with prosperity, high social standing and strong foresight. The mere mention of this term brings images of dragons’ equitable rewards that can be won through various means such as mining or fishing for gold coins, among others! Expect to find some handsome prizes on your reel spin, including nuggets made out of golden material alongside Jade frogs whose colour embodies wealth itself – just one example among many await you here at Betsofts’sBetsofts’s casino site, where they have been generous enough to integrate stunning features which ultimately deliver impressive payouts.

The Gameplay

The game is simple and easy to play. Select the bet level, adjust your wager with the + or – button at the bottom of the screen depending on how much money you want to put into it (up until max), then press “Max Bet.” Once done spinning choose whether auto-play will happen by pressing autoplay respective yes/no buttons next to each other respectively if enabled; this option allows one hundred spins where all wins are shared amongst players who have partnered together via Google Chromecast!

The Great 88 is a slot machine that allows you to play for as little as 0.60 coins per spin, up until 150 total coins are awarded during your session! The size of each coin varies from .02 – .10 dollars, and winning combinations involve landing 3 matching symbols on either side–the more representatives there are near- simultaneously greater the chance they will be able to capture those positions, which means bigger payouts when it happens.

The game’s settings are user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it a great option for beginners.

Big Wins with the Firecracker Wilds

The Firecracker is a symbol that substitutes for other symbols, but it’s also an active wild card. If you match five of these happy little firecrackers on your line, then we’ll give out 44 440 coins!

The red, blue and yellow dragon is a great place to get some coins. For five of any hand, you’ll win up to 5000! The green/blue one will award 3000 KP for 5 straight – but these are just starting points, so be sure not to stop there; if it’s a decoration icon, then 1500inos suffice instead.

In the casino, some symbols can be used to play low-paying games. These include reds and yellows, which will give you up 1000 coins for 5 of a kind, as well as green circulars giving 500 each time it’s clicked on five different occasions within one line; diamond-shaped icons pay 250 whenever they’re played with four other similar ones forming an accordion pattern around them while three wooden flute pieces-$125 per set–are also available at certain machines worth playing if your bet sizes matter!

Random Prizes with the Lucky Red Boxes

The Red Box is a welcome sight for all players, as it brings exciting rewards. Land this bonus symbol and open up the box to reveal what loot you’ve been searching for high and low – from cash bonuses on top of free spins or even more exploding Wilds!

Great Gameplay and Lucrative Bonus Features

This slot has an amazing oriental theme with bursts of different bonus features, including the soothing soundtracks so warming. Land wild Firecracker symbols, and you may win impressive prizes from a Red Lucky box! The Double Up feature can double your wins every time after one is won – it’s worth playing for that alone, in my opinion, but there are also free spins multipliers Mega Win Wheel which make this game even better than before when considering what they offer together at Great88Slots™ .